Grown on Maui Happening

As part of the Ka’anapali Fresh series, Kaanapali Beach Resort Association hosted a Grown on Maui “Happening” with the Maui County Farm Bureau oceanfront at Whalers Village on Saturday June 1, 2013. In an effort to support Maui agriculture and celebrate local chefs, this will be a quarterly event that features fragrant coffee, fresh local produce, and farm to table food.

The Maui Coffee Association exhibited flavors from Maui Grown Coffee, Piliani Kope Farm and Tisane.

Grown on Maui "Happenings"

Napili Flo Farm featured organic produce such as papayas, bananas, tomatoes, kale, eggs and more!

Grown on Maui Farmers "Happenings"

Ono Family Farms did live coconut husking demonstrations and featured jack fruit, avocados, bananas, mangoes, and lychee.

Grown on Maui Farmers "Happenings"

Chef Sheldon Simeon and Chef James Simpliciano created farm to table kimchi, bok choy, with fried egg on top of herb bread.

Grown on Maui Farmers "Happenings"

Kula Fields was there with butter, honey, jams, jellies, rubs, and produce boxes.

Grown on Maui "Farmers Market"

Local Harvest featured eggplant, green beans, cilantro and a variety of herbs.

Grown on Maui Farmers "Happenings"

We invite you to join us for the next Grown on Maui “Happening” on August 31, 2013!