Joey Macadangdang, Roy Yamaguchi Restaurant

Joey Macadangdang, Roy’s Kahana Bar & GrillIn 1983 Joey moved to Lahaina, Hawaii from the Philippines and has gained his culinary experience working concurrently in various kitchen position in Lahaina. Since Joining Roy’s Kahana Bar & Grill in 1992, Joey has quickly earned his place in the ever-growing enterprises of Yamaguchi Restaurants. Joey Quickly grasped Yamaguchi’s concept of “Hawaiian Fusion” cuisine.

His understanding of the flavors of Asia, culinary techniques instilled by Roy, shows in his remarkably tasteful fare.

When plans of opening the 6th Roy’s Restaurant in Hawaii over in Kihei, Maui arose, Chef Joey quickly jumped at the opportunity. Since the opening on February 12, 2001 Chef Joey has delighted the many guest who have come through the exciting Restaurant.

From the creative nightly special to the many guest chef dinners, utilizing both talent from Hawaii as the Mainland. Joey has definitely built himself as one of the Maui’s hottest chefs.

On 2005 He moved on to joint the Cohn Restaurant Group, Pineapple grill on Maui as one of managing chef partner and created the “Cuisine of the Pacific Ocean”.

On 2006 of Jun, He rejoins Roy Yamaguchi Restaurant to be the corporate chef Maui Restaurants.