Ka’anapali Fresh Survey

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  1. My husband and I had a great time! The food was very good, and the special brew that Maui Brewing Co. Created for the festival was amazing! :). Third Eye Blnd was a blast!

  2. Libby Pannwitt says:

    We are recent and as such this wqs our first Kaanapali Fresh experience, and all we can say is WOW! We attended the Friday ” movable feast” Such a wonderful event in all ways…fabulous food at all three hotels, generous drink tickets, great entertainment at all three venues, a wonderful and affordable price, and with the gorgeous weather and Blue Moon rising, it could NOT have been better! We can’t wait until next year for the Third Annual KF! You will need to make more tickets available as we are sure you will need Thames. Mahalo for staging this wonderful event!
    –Jim Fahnestock and Libby Pannwitt

  3. We had an awesome time, the food was delicious, the setting beautiful and third eye blind was great. We would definitely do it again. Thank you for the experience.

    • Aloha Nate and Mahalo for joining us for the Concert Under the Ka’anapali Moonlight with Third Eye Blind! We are very glad to hear you had an awesome time :) We hope you will join us next year!

  4. Richard & Virginia Nimtz says:

    The Progressive dinner was excellent, but need some fine tuning. At the first hotel NO ONE knew about the event which made parking instructions hard to follow. The wrist straps for drinks were NOT understood by any of the serving staff. We were charged one tab for 2 soft drinks, and told there was NO charge for soft drinks. We did get served what we required. There is still a lot of walking if you use the shuttle. You are dropped at the curb at the hotel and have to walk through the entire property to the event location. Hopefully you don’t take a wrong turn (being from the mainland and not knowing the layout of the resort) and get lost. Markers might be evaluated for next year. The physical amenities were NOT good at the main course. Have you ever tried to eat a lamb chop and a side dish from 2 plates while standing? This was the only stop that had extremely limited seating.
    The food was VERY good and we would seriously consider returning next year. The competition is some of the excellent restaurants with great personal service now on Maui – Ko, Mala, Sansei, etc. We did make some new “Maui” friends.